We've added new cars to our catalogue:

1    Geely GC6 Sedan  4 (2014-present) FD, RD, BW
2.   Mitsubishi Pajero Mini 2 SUV 3 (1998-2012)   FD, RD, BW
3.   Ford Mondeo  5 Sedan 4 (2014-present) Contour  FD, RD, RV, BW
4.   Datsun on-DO Sedan 4 (2014-present)   FD, RD, BW
5.   Mercedes-Benz V-klasse Minivan 5 (2014-present) V-220   FD, RD, RV, BW
6.   Kia Picanto 2  Hatchback 5 (2015-present)  restyling   FD, RD, BW
7.   Volkswagen Sharan Minivan 5 (1995-2010)  with manual opening vent  FV, FD, RD, RV, BW
8.   Cadillac Escalade 3 SUV 5 (2007 - 2014) ESV FD

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