Set van beschermende schermen Laitovo voor terug zijruiten

vanaf 99 €  ** Alle prijzen zijn incl. BTW excl. levering

Zonneschermen voor auto ramen CHIKO (geweven mes)

70 €  ** Alle prijzen zijn incl. BTW excl. levering

LaitBag - Trunk Organizer

40€  ** Alle prijzen zijn incl. BTW excl. levering

Auto luchtverfrisser Laitovo

3.5 €  ** Alle prijzen zijn incl. BTW excl. levering

Spare set van magnetische houders

15 €  ** Alle prijzen zijn incl. BTW excl. levering


Select high-quality products Laitovo!

Toning perfectly protects the interior of the cabin from the sun and overheating, which helps to save energy when using the air conditioner.

Sunshades screens (curtains for car windows) - are great alternative to tinting of car windows from the Laitovo company . They are able to cope well with the technical tasks and provide the motorists with a solution to a large number of problems.
Laitovo sunshades are the best solution for your car.

Laitovo car curtains are made in such a way that it is convenient to fasten without the use of glue and drilling. They are well suited for protection your car interior from external influences.

In favor of choosing this particular product, says a whole list of advantages:

- sunshades well protect the car interior from overheating;
- the use of sunshades helps to increase the efficiency of the car air conditioner by an average of 50%;
- they are easy to install and remove, if necessary;
- the salon of the car, with protective screens installed, is protected from prying eyes.

So then, using the products offered by Laitovo company, you will be sure that your salon not only does not overheat, but potential intruders do not have the temptation to get inside.

We have a large number of different models of cars in our catalogue. 

The reasons why you can choose of Laitovo products:

- you are always confident in the quality and strength of our products;
- the catalogue

presents a great quality of sizes;

- our sunshade screens for car windows are mounted without damaging the interior, the exterior surface of the body or the glass itself.

Choose a Laitovo curtains for you car in our catalogue!




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