Partnership programm "Laitovo consultant".

"Laitovo consultant" – is a possibility for any person to get extra incom. To earn with Laitovo you just need to give people your recommendations. For every order made by the recommendation of Laitovo consultant, a consultant gets a bonus – the percentage of the amount of an order, which is set by himself in his personal account.

What is a discount code?

After partnership program being activated, a consultant gets a discount code. This code is spread with recommendations, or by any type of advertisement (the Internet, bulletin board and etc.) If a buyer types it in his order at, he will get a discount, it's percentage is established by a consultant in a personal account. A consultant sees this order in his personal account. After the order is received and payd, a consultant automatically gets his bonus.

Managing discount program

There is a limit of 15% set for managing discount system. A Consultant can manage this system himself:

  • 1) Less for you (5% of the order amount) – more for a customer (10% of the order amount). Thus, a customer is more motivated to use a discount code, offered by a consultant.

  • 2) More for you (10% of the order amount) – less for the customer (5% of the order amount). Thus, a consultant gets a possibility to earn more, but a customer is less motivated.

  • 3) All for you (15% of the order amount) – nothing for the customer. That pattern is possible if a consultant has active sales and forms orders for his customers himself. A customer only needs to agree.

How does it look like?

A consultant performs Laitovo (on his own car, for example) and recommends his friend to make an order at Laitovo web site: “Enter my discount code while forming the order and you'll get 10% discount !”.

Control and procedure of calculation.

A consultant in his personal account can keep track of the accruing bonuses. The bonus is accrued after the order is payed and received. Having bonus money accrued, a consultant chooses himself the option of bonus disbursement and gets his earnings.

Disbursement options

1. Bank transfer
​2. Count as a discount to order Laitovo.

Advertisement support

In a personal account a consultant may download a branded business card with a discount code (or contacts). The card includes also an advertising description of the product. It can be printed in any copy shop.

Extra benefits for a consultant.

Even if nobody have made an order by your recommendation and you have earned no money, you always have a possibility to purchase Laitovo for your cars (or the cars of your friends) with 15% discount.

How to become Laitovo consultant?

1. You have already purchased Laitovo at Laitovo online store

1.1 Log in at Laitovo web site. You'll get your login and password.

1.2 In a personal account activate the program “Laitovo consultant”.
1.3 After the request is checked by the manager, additional functionality in your account will become active and you can start working.

2. You have purchased Laitovo through the dealer.

2.1 Contact an official distributor Laitovo and you will receive your login, password.
2.2 Your account will be activated and you can start working.

3. You have not purchased Laitovo.

3.1 Make an order at Laitovo web site
3.2 Log in as described in p. "1"

How much can you earn?

For example, a full set of Laitovo screens costs 239€. 15% from this amount is 36€. This is exactly the bonus of a consultant for one set. One set each day gives in general 36€ * 20 working days = 720€.

Great additional income!

If you need a professional consultation about partnership program “Laitovo consultant”, call +(49) 040-95063310 or contact us at  or during our live chat on our web site.

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