All customers on have the possibility to get bonuses and use them to pay for the orders. Thus, every user has “Wallet” in a personal account. 10% of the order gets back to the wallet in the form of bonuses for each paid order. One bonus point has a value of 1 euro.

All accumulated bonuses can be spent to pay for 50% of the amount of the order. All you need to do is:

  • Choose production
  • Place an order
  • Click “Pay via wallet” on the page of order confirmation.

You will see the window, where there will be the amount of money you have in the wallet showed, and also what sum can be spent to pay for the current order.

As soon as you click “Pay via wallet”, the indicated sum will be charged off.

In partial payment via wallet, the amount of the order is reduced; the sum paid is spread all over the items in the order, reducing their cost. You can also pay for the order via wallet in your personal account, in this case you need to:

  • Choose a product
  • Place an order
  • Pass to section “Orders” in a personal account
  • Choose the needed order and follow the procedure, described above.

Payment via wallet is impossible if:

  • The order is processed by a manager  and is going to be manufactured.
  • Zero balance
  • Wallet is blocked

*The Bonus is reduced equally to the sum of discount that you get according to other promotional actions or entering the discount code. The more the discount , the less the bonus.


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