These sunshades curtins are a great alternative to tinting film. The benefits that I discovered after 2 months of use: Sun shine protection. Portugal is the country with the largest number of sunny days in Europe. Vehicle interiors without tinting fade very quickly, material and leather dry instantly. Therefore, when I bought the car immediately decide to darken the windows. 1. Price!!! In Portugal the cost of work on pasting tinting + legalization of documents is from 600-700 Euros and this is only the rear windows. Therefore, I preferred the sunshades curtins: the price is excellent, easy installation, no need to legalization, in case of car inspection you should took it off during the passage and then installed everything back within 30 seconds. 2. The TOP quality of materials and fabrication, as well as ease of installation. The parcel arrived, unpacked, 10 minutes according to the instructions, everything was installed, and we start a journey. I chose a magnets fixation. The frames are made exactly according to the profile of the door. 3. Convenience. I like very much that when lowering the rear windows when the curtins are installed, the window is still darkened. This is very comfortably when you drive with children: at first, they can n't throw anything out of the window; secondly, fresh air is always come inside and the sun does not shine in the face if the child has fallen asleep; + mosquito protection (100% tested and helps), and when a window is open less blowing. 4. Car Style. Who would not say a car with darkened windows always looks more beautiful. One plus to the price in further sale for this option (if we talk about the Portugal car market). Very pleased with the purchase. I definitely recommend the company and the Laitovo team who have always promptly answered my questions and for their products.


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