• A carcass made of zinc-coated wire;
  • Additional framing with a sliding element is easily fixed to the main Laitovo screen with the help of special magnets;
  • Elastic cloth doesn’t let the light in and doesn’t cause wrinkles after closing the curtain;
  • Fixation: magnets

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It is a new accessory that is necessary for any car. This product is designed for a complete car salon isolation from the sun light and prying eyes. Used in case of temporary need.
A sliding element can be purchased separately, if Laitovo protective screens are already installed in the car or alongside with Laitovo protective screen.

1. Creates comfort inside the car, complementing salon setting. When opened, it looks expensive and aesthetic.
2. Fully isolates a car salon from prying eyes when a car is left unattended.
3. Provides comfortable rest in a car salon, protecting from prying eyes and the sunlight.
4. Two positions provide an opportunity to use all the advantages of standard Laitovo screens and also fully isolate a car salon from the sunlight.

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